Do you want to control your own book, and Self Publish? We can definitely help

What challenges might you encounter when you wish to publish your own book?

  • Your own Publishing Company?
    Obtain and ISBN
    How to deal with the US IRS if You’re a Canadian
    Formatting for printed books and electronic books
    Dealing with widows and orphans
    Making the Interior of your book appear professional
    Substantive Editing
    Copy Editing
    Cover Design
    Putting it all together
    Marketing online and offline
    Even your own accounting

These are just some of the challenges facing and author who truly wants control of the entire book publishing process. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

We have published books for over five years, and have encountered every possible challenge. There are days when clumps of torn-out hair littered our keyboards — days when coffee just wasn’t enough.
But we learned, and now we can help you accomplish your goal of a beautifully turned out self-published book.

  • We know the programs, both simple and professional.
    We darn good at formatting, which can be a lengthy process.
    We can format for printed books, Kindle, iBooks and Kobo
    We know how to obtain ISBNs
    We know how to deal with the IRS
    We have information about Canadian accounting for royalties
    We have marketing online and offline.
    We can show you how to meet every obstacle — or — we can do some of it or even all of it for you.


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