From time to time we find books that we would love to have published, but did not. We think the books are so delightful that we want to pass along the information about them to you.

One we really enjoyed is the Headwaters Writers’ Guild Anthology call “A Walk in Fields of Gold”. ┬áThis is a collection of prose and poetry from the members of this writing organization, and all the profits go to support the purchasing of books for the children’s ward in an Ontario Hospital. We think that is a worthy cause, and so we suggest you have a look at it.

Another wonderful little book we recently found is called Limericks from the Animal Kingdom. The author who recently left us, was a strong supporter of helping those challenged with autism. The illustrator of this book is herself autistic, and has extraordinary artistic talents.  The profits of this book will be donated to an organization that supports and helps people and their families who are challenged by autism.

The book is laughingly funny and makes a marvelous gift for all ages

One of the recent book I had the pleasure of reading is Tales From Porcupine Junction, by my friend Clare McCarthy. Clare is a member of the Headwaters Writers’ Guild, and writes a weekly column for the Orangeville Banner. He is an incredibly erudite man, with a wickedly delicious sense of humour

Get a copy of his book – you’ll be glad you did.