Marion Reidel, although born in western Canada, raised her family in the gorgeous little town of Elora. When her two progeny flew from the nest, Marion moved with her husband, Tom, to Guelph, a city she considers to be cool, and a residence she maintains to this day.

As a teacher for a considerable number of years, and the owner of a 200 book, short-story library, it was only natural that she turn her hand to writing her own collection.

A prize winning author, Marion’s We Drank Wine is her first published work, and she admitted to her publisher she thoroughly enjoyed creating it.

Marion’s tastes and experience are wide and varied, from digital photography, a curiosity about human behavior, to the unusual claim as a past owner of multiple cats, and currently a strong supporter of community theatre. She also claims to be addicted to Netflix.

Is it any wonder she is a writer?

We Drank Wine and Other Stories

The foibles of four women, their families, and neighbours form a web of stories woven among the rituals of sharing wine. Every story peers at the challenges of motherhood, brides, daughters, sons, divorce, episodes of frustration, fear and the search for meaning. Even vacations are skewed and out-of-step.

Will readers find among these seemingly ordinary lives, people with whom to laugh, to cry, or share experiences? Whatever the gamut of emotions the participants of We Drank Wine display, readers will enjoy their every interaction.

Can any reader resist this Pandora’s Box of tales?

These fun stories in We Drank Wine, will keep you riveted until the very last page, and you can order it as Soft Cover or Kindle, by clicking on the appropriate link:

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In addition we have included a link to Marion’s personal website, which you can reach by clicking on her picture at the top of the page.