Words have always fascinated Marilyn—their taste, sound, and ability to precisely capture a word or emotion, and, of course, their connotations. But it was not until her third decade that she thought of putting all this experience and knowledge into writing a book. Letter writing (before computers made everything easier) had always been a genuine pleasure. She loved telling stories of daily life, and friends and family enjoyed reading them.
When she finally decided to sit down to write a book, a friend, Maggie Petru, by asking very pertinent questions, gave her guidance with the plot and helped flesh out the characters. Marilyn then set out to develop the words, sentences and paragraphs of her book.
Fascinated by the history of Canada, she is already well into her fourth novel—also set in Marcher Mills, and ideas for many more are percolating madly and demanding attention. You will delight in Marilyn’s turns of phrase and challenges she handles so well in writing about Victorian Canada

Lavinia, Marilyn’s third Marcher Mills novel, is again filled with romance and the twists and turns of   developing love. Lavinia, a very modern woman, is a self-sufficient woman, firmly established in bicycle riding, a sport quite revolutionary for its time. But being one of three adopted women, a state in which Victorian times considered loose and socially unacceptable, she is harassed by the brother of her adoptive mother, who is determined to take back all the inheritance left to her. But is the delicious Sam a knight who will save her? A must read.

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Marilyn’e second romance novel is called Blind Spot, another Marcher Mills novel, set about 10 years later than her first book.

Amanda and her sister, Faith, are faced with the task of establishing their Wentworth Optometry new-cover-trial-3Services in a new town and a new country. Sebastian Montgomery hired the services of their company to work in conjunction with his pharmacy. He has a traditional view of women, and was unaware her would be dealing with a family of females. Amanda insists the contract is with Wentworth Optometry Services, and not an individual.
Add arson, blackmail and abduction to the romantic overtones, and Marcher Mills will never be the same again.

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Marilyn’s first historical romance is called Wife Seller!   Click on Picture of Wife Seller!’s cover to see the Book Trailer  Wifeseller-front-2

This is a delightful novel based in Ontario in the late 1800s.The story is revolves around Susannah Ashton who is desperate to escape from the escalating brutality of her husband. She and her friends arrange to have her sold (a practice which, at that time in England, allows a man to sell his wife if he so wishes) and then escape from Yorkshire to Dorset. The plan fails and she is sold to another and married by proxy to a man who lives in Canada. Because her arms ache for children, she decides to mother her new husband’s two small wards. Will an ocean and a new identity will separate and save her from charges of bigamy and being romance to her life.

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