Photo on 12-3-2013 at 4.57 PM - Version 2Marilyn Kleiber has been writing virtually all her life. She believes that as children we all have the talent to create stories for our friends and relatives. Too soon, our education system encourages us to suspend our imaginations, and we forget we have the ability to create.

Marilyn has also written a number of short screenplays, and has a feature length screenplay, a novel and a non-fiction book on health awaiting completion and publication.She truly loves writing short stories with a twist at the end.

Marilyn’s favorite calling is to encourage writers who have a way with words, a story to tell, information to unfold, and a desire to be published.

She currently lives in small town Ontario with a husband, a MAC and two virtual cats.

Marilyn’s new book is Short Tales From a Tall Person:   Final Front Cover

Let Marilyn tell you in her own words a little bit about this book

“This collection of short stories and poems grew from many different sources. Some tales have been sitting in my writing files for nearly fifteen years waiting to be properly edited.

Many grew out of prompts from the people at various writing groups, and some even came from personal experience.

Some just happened because during bouts of people watching I discovered there were short tales everywhere.

I am often asked how I can write some of my darker material when I generally am a bright and positive person.

Like most things in life, stories very quickly take on a life of their own, and if they choose to be dark, so be it. Every parent knows that some of their children will grow up happy and others will march to a totally different drummer.

So please enjoy this mad pool of stories and poems. It will be a meal with a wide variety of taste and flavor.

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