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Writing was Maggie Petru’s secret solution to boredom and loneliness from her early teens onwards. That love of language pointed her towards Sheridan College’s journalism program, and started her on a lengthy career as an award-winning reporter/photographer for assorted daily and weekly newspapers in the Toronto area.

Years in a one-person bureau saw her covering everything from municipal council meetings, to court cases, school activities, murder investigations, fires, car accidents, natural disasters, visiting prime ministers and all manner of human interest events in two counties.

Now she says she can’t just waste all that experience when it could be turned into so many great yarns.

Maggie’s late book, The Black Brides is yet another exciting novel with overtones of romance, intrigue, murder, and concealed identities.BB-Cover-small

As the high school’s principal Stefan von Rudiger is an important man in Fergus, Ontario in 1961. That doesn’t make him popular. He’s a German emigrant in a WASP town that lost numerous sons in WWII. The black King shepherds he breeds are his only companions. His background is a closed book. Even his employers don’t know the story behind the hook that replaces his right hand. But fellow teacher Luise Schultz knows that Stefan’s wife is entitled to millions for giving him a son and refuses to believe his assertion that he already has a wife.

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Maggie’s first book, a truly extraordinary psychological novel is Love, Obey, & Betray:  Love Obey -Newewst

Vladymyr Horbatsky emigrated to Canada at the end of WWII in search of safety and security. Over the ensuing 20 years steady work and a Canadian family create his personal paradise. Then an American Defense Department consultant comes to work for his employer and Vlad discovers that the man was his wife’s boss in her days as an Allied spy. Memories of his childhood escape from Communism and enslavement by the Nazis flood back, alerting his Cossack instincts to the fact that paradise has just developed a huge viper.  ClickLove, Obey and Betray’s book cover to see the trailer on YouTube.

This exciting story will keep you riveted until the very last page, and you can order it in printed form from Amazon or in Kindle format by clicking on the appropriate link:  

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