Jim O’Brien, while attending Harvard Business School, encountered the reports of pedophile priests within the Catholic Church. As a member of the church himself, Jim was horrified, and began a journey that led to the creation of The Papal Enclave. 

It was at Harvard that he first conceived of his protagonist, Professor Stephen Ripley, but it took ten years to breathe life into both his hero and the cast of characters who inhabit this exciting first novel.

Once he began to write, Jim was glued to his computer, turning out the first draft in just five months. He was a man possessed of the need to tell an extraordinary story.

Jim’s background as a successful businessman, an owner of multiple degrees, a traveller, and a keen observer of the human condition, gives him the tools with which to write his gripping thrillers.

He currently lives in the Midwest with his wife, three daughters, a cat, and French bulldog.

The Papal Enclave is James O’Brien’s first novel captivates the reader from the very beginning of the book. Papal final-front only

Renowned Harvard Law Professor and Criminologist Stephen Ripley learns his brightest assistant was brutally tortured and murdered because he had discovered a cover-up and conspiracy pointing to the top hierarchy of the Church. Working closely with a Boston Globe reporter and his contacts within the FBI & CIA, Ripley is thrust into the sordid world of pedophiles and international hit men.

As the shocking revelations explode across the front page of the Boston Globe, payback plans have Ripley and his journalist colleague rushing from Boston to Rome to uncover a mysterious Vatican source, and murderous plots against the Pope and a former Boston Archbishop.

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Jan 21, 2014:  It is with deep regret that we announce that Jim O’Brien passed away very suddenly a week ago. Jim will be very much missed by his family, his friends, and certainly by his readers.  It is unfortunately that additional planned books about Professor Stephen Ripley will not now be available, but we will enjoy re-reading his work, and will continue to promote Jim’s book to new readers.