JY WongY. J.  Wong was born in Shanghai, but grew up beside the gilded roofs of the Forbidden Palace in Beijing, China. Her favorite childhood bedtime stories from her grandmother were Legends of the Three Kingdoms and Adventures of the Monkey King. As a teenager, she loved romantic fantasies and was a frenetic for martial arts stories. After immigrating to Toronto, Canada in early 1990s, she had worked various jobs while completing her education before becoming a health care professional.

Her distinctive experience as a Chinese immigrant had inspired her in writing Eyes of Phoenix (yet to be published), a romantic fiction based on the intertwining lives of four Chinese women in Toronto. Since then, she has turned her attention towards time-traveling romantic fantasies, offering an often comedic view of the ancient east through the eyes of the modern west.

Her first published book, Beatrix Reincarnated, is the ultimate What If story:  Front-small for website

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you woke up in someone else’s body, fifteen years younger, and fifty pounds lighter, with a choice between a handsome lover and a rich husband?

On the New Year’s Eve of 2011, Beatrix Lin, a twenty-eight-year-old overweight and lovesick junior financial analyst from New York dies in a freak accident and is reincarnated into the body of beautiful thirteen-year old Lin Bee-Er, daughter of the powerful Minster in a hypothetical Sheng Dynasty of ancient China.

Bee-Er, thrust into a blind, arranged marriage with a pimple-faced teen she nicknames Rudolph, discovers her in-laws’ feudal polygamous household contain all elements of a modern dysfunctional family, complete with a stern, violent military dad, spendaholic desperate housewives, an alcoholic gambling addict, and a confused and angry Emo-boy. With her sharp business sense and her gift in marketing, she has to rescue the family’s failing finance while scheming against in-laws and backstabbing concubines.

It is a tale of passion and revenge, set in a swashbuckling old China and told in the style of Bridget Jones Diary. Beatrix Reincarnated is step-by-step playbook on how a modern, white-collared woman takes on an ancient, feudal familial hierarchy by applying her skills of corporate politics.

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