Gloria Dent-2Gloria Dent, MA, is a historian, editor, musician, grandmother, great grandmother, chef, artist, and story teller. Once her six children left the nest she went back to school and received her Master Degree in history. Researching English history gave her a depth of perception into the lives of the people in the 15th century. A published author, she has written numerous articles on the cultural history of Guelph, Guelph and its Spring Festival, and has edited, At My Sweet Recall, a collection of letters between Edward Johnson and Beatriz d’Arneiro (1906-1908).

The Eagle and Child is her first published work of fiction.Front for web and book trailer

The Eagle and Child is the first of a three-part story of the life of Cissy Wanton, a washer woman’s daughter who lives in the city of York in the 15th century. The story follows Cissy as she searches for true love across war torn England, during the Wars of the Roses. Her escapades reflect the time period with the drama and the humor intrinsic in medieval life. Cissy is an innocent, with a joy of life and love, and her search for a man who will bring her both creates a story filled to the brim with adventure.

The Eagle and Child is available in soft cover from Amazon, and in electronic version from Kindle. You can order the book by clicking on the link below

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Available by November 1, 2015 is Gloria Dent’s latest volume of the there-part
story about Cissy Wanton, called The Bluebell. Cissy’s further adventures lead
her back into the company of Queen Margaret, along with a brief encounter with
her faithless fiancee, Sir Richard Lovelace, Cissy travels through England and
France, and encounters amorous clergy and shipwrecks during her journey.

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