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Born and raised in Toronto, Arlene F. Marks found her muse at the age of 6 and has been writing and sharing her stories ever since.  Her dual passions are teaching and writing, and she has indulged them both liberally over the years, chalking up numerous professional writing and editing credits in both fiction and nonfiction fields between stints in the high school classroom.  Most recently, she is the author of From First Word to Last: The Craft of Writing Popular Fiction (2013, Legacy Books Press) and the LITERACY: MADE FOR ALL series (2014, Rowman & Littlefield Education) as well as The Accidental God.  She is currently at work on a series of novels set at the turn of the 25th century.

Arlene lives with her husband on the shore of Nottawasaga Bay

Arlene’s new novel, The Accidental God. just released in October, 2014, is a humorous science fiction novel that will keep you chuckling until the very end.Tag-Front Only

Demonai, a prank-loving visitor from a higher dimension, has been amusing himself by conducting experiments on the ‘threedees’ living inside the bubble of space that he stole from his bullying fellow being, Olla’set.

Begun in fun, Demonai’s latest experiment has turned deathly serious. Olla’set is threatening to destroy the bubble and all the life inside it unless Demonai can prove to him that the ‘threedees’ are sentient. In fact, the stakes are much higher than Olla’set realizes. Can three perplexed human beings think their way through Demonai’s challenge and save not only their own universe but the trickster god’s as well?

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