Welcome to Sun Dragon Press Inc.!

We believe that there are many excellent authors out there who may never get the opportunity to be published traditionally. We began this company so that we could help these writers become published authors. Thus we bring these new writers to the public domain, and give our readers good new books to read, which will be available by links to Amazon, Kindle, and ultimately, other book sites.

A wide variety of fiction novels guarantees new authors will ultimately rest among your very favorites.


Our plans include romance, mystery, adventure, science fiction, fantasy/myth, short stories, and other genres as they prove popular with our readers.

Writers are artists. open bookThe route to getting published can often be arduous and very lengthy. After much hard work, finally completing a manuscript is, unfortunately, no guarantee of publication. The artists, known as writers, deserve recognition beyond family and friends. Thus the birth of Sun Dragon Press.

As a reader, we urge you to check our website on a regular basis to discover all the expanding offerings from our “artists”. Most will be Sun Dragon’s published authors, but we will also have a page of highly recommended books, published by other companies, that we really feel are worth your time and effort.

103577424 smaller versWelcome to Writers:  To repeat what was said above, writers are definitely artists. Getting recognized by more than family and friends is often a tough journey. Sometimes the journey does not end in publication of their “art.”

Getting published in the traditional way is a lengthy and often frustrating process. Sun Dragon Press feels there are many writers that really need to be read by a wider audience than our mothers and siblings.

Large publishers are challenged by rising costs and are not able to hire sufficient editors to view all the manuscripts they receive on a regular basis. They are truly overwhelmed.496263235

We are convinced that the future is in electronic media. School children are now being issued with iPads; computers abound in majority of schools.

While there will always be readers who love the feel and smell of the printed word (we admit to being in that category as well) more people are being returned to the joy of reading with the arrival of e-books in the form of Kindle, and the variety of electronic readers now available. All writers welcome increasing readership of their books, whether in printed or electronic form.

For regularly writing tips and tricks, we proudly present our blog.

Watch this site for more new and exciting books and their authors, so check us regularly and watch us grow!

Thank you and great reading and great writing!